I'm Adarsh, and I'm a product strategist.
I help my clients build and grow amazing products.
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This is my process:

What is the actual challenge that needs to be addressed?

Establish the status quo and figure out what’s out there.

Analyze research to structure an approach.

Pencil to the paper, and start translating ideas into concepts.

Choose a few designs to quickly implement and test.

Formulate and test hypotheses using designs and prototypes.

Collect metrics, and keep an eye on user engagement.

Rinse and repeat the process until end users are happy!

Package the solution with a firm identity and deployment plan.

Review process, analyze outputs, and brainstorm future improvements!

I'm a Problem Solver.
I combine my background in engineering with my passion for design to create unique solutions.

I'm a Creative Communicator.
I am a strong visual and verbal communicator, with skills in industrial design, UI design, and UX design.

I'm an Entrepreneurial Thinker.
I can augment your entrepreneurial strategy, or help you establish a culture of intrapreneurship and innovation.

Here's a few examples of my work:

I've helped build and establish several brands: Brand Showcase

When I'm not designing products, I'm sketching, writing screenplays, or practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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